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The most common chapter to file a bankruptcy is under 7 known as a debt liquidation bankruptcy. Individuals, husbands and wives (jointly), and businesses can file under this chapter. To be eligible to file under Chapter 7 the law requires that individuals meet certain threshold income and expense requirements as determined by a "means test".  The equity or value of your assets (ie: homes, cars, etc) are also relevant when evaluating whether Chapter 7 is right for you.

The Law Offices of Michael A Latzes can best determine whether you are eligible to file under Chapter 7.  The filing of this chapter can eliminate most of your unsecured debts, including but not limited to: credit cards, personal judgments, medical bills, certain taxes, and utility bills.

At the conclusion of your case, a discharge is ordered by the court. This order eliminates most of your debts, and removes them from your credit report, which in effect provides you with a "fresh start". Eventually you will regain your financial freedom and credit worthiness. 

Although certain debts are non-discharegable, including but not limited to: child support and alimony, debts incurred by fraud, most student loans, and certain taxes, the advantages to filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may outweigh any disadvantages.  Some of these advantages include:

1) Stop creditor collection actions
2) Stop law suits
3) Stop utility shut offs
4) Stop car repossessions
5) Stop IRS collections
6) Stop wage garnishments
7) Remove judicial liens on real estate
8) Eliminate most unsecured debts

To take advantage of the relief as provided by the United States Congress call The Law Offices of Michael A Latzes at 215-545-0200 to schedule a free consultation.  We will help you decide if filing a Chapter 7 is the best alternative for you.  Let our 30 years of experience work for you.

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