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Mortgage Foreclosure
Stop Mortgage Foreclosure
If you fell behind with your Pennsylvania mortgage payments and have been sued in State Court, you may find that your best option is to retain counsel to file a defense to the law suit.

Attorney, Michael A. Latzes can assist you with such a defense to your mortgage company's  foreclosure action.

Consumer protection laws may give you a viable argument to contest the law suit, resulting in reduced charges, reduced mortgage payments and in rare situations, elimination of your outstanding mortgage balance.
Of particular importance, the filing of a defense to the foreclosure law suit, will allow Attorney Latzes  an opportunity to negotiate certain solutions, including but not limited to : mortgage modification or initiating a forbearance agreement. Another advantage of filing a defense is that you the homeowner remain in your home while your defenses are litigated and your financial options are sorted out.

Call The Law Offices of Michael A. Latzes at 215-545-0200 to schedule a free consultation. Our offices serve clients in the Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks and Delaware Counties. Should an office visit be inconvenient, consultations can be provided via telephone. Also, appointments can be scheduled most evenings and weekends. Payment plans are available.

To better assist you, please take advantage of our online questionnaire. Once your information is received, we are committed to respond within 24 hours.
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